2,437 miles….. It all starts in 45 days!

2,437 miles (give or take about 100 miles)…… yes the route is finalized and hotel are booked. Route 66 awaits us in 45 days and it’s now official. Right now, sitting in the comfort of my air conditioned home, it’s scary to think of what is coming. This trip simply started out as a cool “hey maybe we can do this” and now it has taken on a life of its own. Terry continues to try to keep me calm by saying “we are just going on a simple little ride.” So yeah….. a ride that will be 2,437 miles!!!

The route is as follows with the approximate miles each day:

Friday August 11 leaving after Terry gets home from work so by 5:30 pm– South Bend, Indiana (203 miles)

Saturday August 12th St Louis, Mo  (380 miles)

Sunday August 13th– Glenpool, ok (outside of Tulsa) (405 miles) and hopping on route 66 then in that area

Monday August 14th Shamrock, Tx (270 miles)

Tuesday August 15th Tucumcari NM(204 miles) 

Wednesday August 16th Gallup, NM (310 miles)

Thursday August 17th Kingman Az (330 miles)

Friday August 18th Palm Springs (243 miles)

Saturday August 19th Rest in Palm Springs, Ca

Sunday August 20th– Irvine, Ca Baby!!!! (92 miles)

Yes, we will be staying in several iconic Route 66 hotels as well as doing a majority of route 66 for the remainder of the trip after Tulsa Oklahoma. I am beyond excited to stay at Blue Swallow Motel- a famous hotel in Tucumcari as well as El Rancho Hotel- a hotel famous in the 50s and 60s to movie stars and presidents alike in the southwest.

400 miles on a motorcycle in one day?! Yes, that will be over 8 hours total on a motorcycle but necessary to see the country in our time span. Come along for the fun and watch for more posts coming soon as preparation is in full swing now for the motorcycle ride of a lifetime.

This is the only life I get and I don’t get a redo so time to create my own story!

2 thoughts on “2,437 miles….. It all starts in 45 days!

  1. You are truly amazing and an inspiration to ostomates. There are so many who think they cannot do what they used to. Thank you for doing things you want to, and not listening to the nay-sayers. I hope I get to meet you in Irvine when I attend the conference. You actually remind me of me!


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