Isn’t It Going to Hurt?

Isn’t it going to hurt?” “I could never do that!” “Why are you doing this when you are sick?”

These are all comments made to me regarding our upcoming adventure. The answers are simple.


1) Yes it’s going to hurt…and I am prepared that it may hurt a large amount. I am aware of that simple truth and have been preparing for it as best as I can, walking/running 3 miles as many times a week as I can do as well as exercising based on my ability. We have been doing trial runs as well preparing our bodies. I will not have any narcotics either as I don’t take them nor have doctors who prescribe them. Instead, this will be accomplished with a heating pad, hydration and pure determination. believe

2) Yes, quite simply, you are correct. If you don’t believe you can do something, you won’t. I believe I can and I will.

3)Yes, I have crohn’s and yes, I have days-in fact-I have several of them at times-when I am physically unwell. However, if I waited until I was well, I would never travel, work, or live a productive life.  Adventures like Motown to Socal are what I need to make my life full and complete and I deserve a life I dream of, just as you do. Since being diagnosed at the age of 22, I have given up so much-the ability to naturally carry my own child, a normal 20s type experience, careers I loved, as well as the life I thought I would have. I am determined that I will live my life to its potential and though that might mean pain and fear, I know on the other side of this will be sweet success. I am imaging how amazing it will feel when we pull into Hotel Irvine….that’s why I am doing this trip. Chronic illness/crohn’s/my surgeries do not define me!



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