California Bound- Day 1

Day One- Kickstand Up! 220 miles down and only 2300 more miles to go. For me, this trip is representative of my surgeries. Just as the morning of surgery, my nerves were kicking in as the unknown looms ahead this morning. There was the whisper of what have I gotten myself into but also the quiet voice that reminds me that no matter what, we’ve got this. Just as with surgery and my surgeon’s hands, the trip lies in the hands of the one whom I am putting upmost faith in.. my husband. There will be unexpected trials and laughter along the way, just as surgery was with drinking champagne on New Year’s Eve in the hospital (with an NG) to figuring out how to deal with an ostomy and then a j pouch. In the end, just as with surgery,  this trip will be success. I wondered if my life was over when I was wheeled into the operating room December 23, 2013 but in that first moments I stepped onto the bike this afternoon, I had my answer- I am redefining my story my way. Though I didn’t pick my illness or surgeries, I was reminded that I pick how I live with it… and I am living it flying down the highway on the back of a motorcycle smiling all the way to California!

For once, my procrastination paid off as we narrowly missed a wicked thunderstorm. Though the roads were wet right out of the gate, we were not! We were greeted by the setting sun and beautiful clouds the rest of the way to South Bend Indiana. The winds have been fierce so we are a bit beat up- the flag in the picture above was brand new this morning. Yes the wind has been that strong to start shredding the flag but it’s going all the way with us to California!

Saint Louis and dinner with Susan Burns (president of United Ostomy Association of America) awaits us tomorrow. Only 400 miles now stand between us and the Arch. Keep following (and keep us in your thoughts)!

Remember this is the only life you get- might as well live it!


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