Mother Nature- A Perfect Lady on Day Two

Mother Nature was just as a beautiful lady with all her assets on display yesterday in our 401 mile trek across Indiana and Illinois into St. Louis Missouri. The wheels rolled on through Notre Dame campus (Go Blue!) cornfields, small towns and big cities as the main goal was to put miles between us and Detroit.  Though chilly at about 50 degrees  as we pushed out of South Bend, Indiana, brilliant sunshine and breathtaking cloud formations led the way to St. Louis. A quick stop at The Arch for a few pics in a slightly illegal spot- beauty of a beast of a bike, Terry’s charming personality and a complete stranger who couldn’t say no to his request to take a pic) and off to meet Susan Burns, Unites Ostomy Association of America president. She lives in the area so off to dinner for some yummy food and great conversation.

There are an estimated 750,000 to a million people in America currently living with an ostomy or continent diversion. Regardless if surgery was planned or an emergency, for cancer, inflammatory bowel disease (that’s me) or for a multitude of other reasons, surgery and adjusting to life afterwards can be daunting. People openly talk about sex, money and politics but we don’t talk of ostomies and continent diversions. The United Ostomy Association of America (UOAA) is provides advocacy, education and support to individuals and families living with an ostomy or a continent diversion (that’s me with my j pouch). Terry and I are doing this motorcycle trip to raise awareness and money for UOAA as well as showing that though you may have a chronic disease, it doesn’t need to stop your dreams. Each morning as I step onto the motorcycle and put my faith in Terry and the machine, I know we are driving into fear and the unknown. Mutual support is crucial for Terry and I to have a safe journey. UOAA provides that same support for those living with an ostomy or continent diversion. Please consider donating to them in our honor by using copy and paste or using the link also on this page. You’ll get a tax deduction and even better, a warm fuzzy feeling. Besides your donation will inspire us- we need it as today will be another 400 mile day. Here is the link that you will need to copy and paste or click depending on how you view it (sorry doing this from the back of the motorcycle). Thanks for donating and keep following!

2 thoughts on “Mother Nature- A Perfect Lady on Day Two

  1. Loved my time with Molly and Terry here in St. Louis, they are so excited about this journey, I am so please that I was able to have special time with these 2 fabulous people who generously support of ostomy and continent diversion diversion surgery. Enjoy the rest of your trip! See you all in Irvine.


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