Courage in the face of the unknown

O-k-l-a-h-o-m-a… OK!! 1,041 miles completed in 48 hours…. it’s been as wild as it sounds. Today Terry faced down the unknown with challenging Ozark terrain, roadkill that created a huge obstacle… and rain. Oh the rain🌧 and cold rain at that. We have owned rain gear for three years but it had never been out of the packaging. Today, the rainfree saga finally (and sadly) ended. Rain has been one of my biggest fears from the moment we started planning this crazy idea and I have become slightly obsessed over weather forecasts. Well, I take that back- I am completely obsessed with the weather in each of our planned stops. I dare you- ask me what the temperature is in Palm Springs and I will probably know- even if we are only in Oklahoma. Being exposed to the elements (sun, wind) is part of the magic of a motorcycle but is also one of the scariest moments. With just a few minutes of rain, the oil spills on the road can become a slip and slide – and not the fun summertime backyard game. Today, Terry took on his nemesis- battling cold 50 degree rain stinging all exposed skin for 60 long miles. When miles are the objective for the day (421 to be exact), he had to push through- knowing that stopping would only delay the inevitable. Also, he is acutely aware that the longer we are on the road, the more that fatigue and dehydration start to set in for me. If either fatigue or dehydration sets in, it has the potential to stop this trip dead in its tracks. We both knew we were running against the weather, the miles and our bodies. The only option we had was to just keep riding (although we were prepared to stop if it had gotten any worse).  So we rode on and naughty Mother Nature got her act together ironically as “Here Comes The Sun” came across the speakers. However, watching a fallen firefighter procession (that is fire truck cranes with the flag hanging between them in the picture above) was sobering and a much needed reminder of service and sacrifice.

48 hours…1,041 miles… 40% of the route completed. These past two days will be the furthest distance we will be driving on any day and we did them back to back. This day belongs to Terry for his courage in overcoming several serious obstacles. As he reminded me at dinner, a smooth sea never makes a skilled sailor. Today he proved his sailing ability as we sailed over the cement sea with the rain nipping at our skin, showing courage in the face of fear. It was all about the miles today and miles are just what we conquered.

Next stop- Oklahoma City, the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial and finally Route 66 to Shamrock Texas. Saddle up… this ride keeps on rollin’.

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