Pain-An Old Friend Along For The Ride

Well hello old friend, I was wondering when you would show up.  Yesterday pain reared its ugly head for both Terry and I on our short 167 mile drive from Tucumcari to Santa Fe, New Mexico (thus the reason the blog isn’t being done until now). Though battling  a severe cold and significant hand pain (Terry) and fatigue and abdominal pain (me), the drive was simply spectacular. Tucumcari, desolate feeling in the wee morning hours, bid us ado as we headed for Santa Fe. “Wow” seemed to be the only words spoken as we were treated to awe inspiring mountain peaks and vistas on our short drive into one of the oldest cities in the US. A yummy lunch at Cowgirl Barbeque (how could we not stop there) and off to the patio aka Plaza. Terry couldn’t understand why I wanted to go to the patio. His words “So what’s so special about this patio? We have a patio at home” – guess maybe there was something to said for the need for earplugs. Standing in the oldest church in the U.S. that makes the border of The Plaza- even if you are not religious- is emotional as you imagine the struggles that individuals faced 400 years ago on this very land. The Plaza is an experience for the senses as street musicians and vendors hawk their wares alongside high end boutiques. However, both Terry and I started feeling the effects of the road as well as illness so back to our home for the night.

Pain sadly became the focus of last night for both of us as we fought our bodies and their ability to withstand the weight of this trip. We both knew this was a possibility when planning this trip but this new reality was a bit frustrating. Terry and I made the decision to give my Humira slightly earlier (by about 12 hours) because it was becoming clear that my crohn’s symptoms were appearing with a vengeance. Humira is an immunosuppressant injection that often is done every two weeks. However my body eats through the medicine rapidly to the point of no detectable level so the dose was increased to every week. Even at the current weekly dosing, there is concern that my body still consumes the medicine rapidly leaving very little left by day 6-thus the increase in abdominal pain, nausea and frequent bathroom trips. Last night I fell asleep crying in pain with Terry consoling me the best he can with his own struggles.

This is the reality of day 5 as our bodies are struggling with sickness and pain. We continue on as that’s the only option we have but our mental strength is now needed to push through. Do I regret this trip? Absolutely not! Pain and frustration in my broken body reminds me that there is beauty in the journey, not just the end result.  I will hold that close to my heart as we ride on through continued challenges.

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