In sickness and well… more sickness

Day 6- By the end of Thursday, we had traveled 1900 miles and endured freezing rain, scorching heat and extremely challenging terrain (imagine being on a motorcycle and coming to the top of a hill and not knowing what lies on the other side- yep as scary as me without makeup). However, Thursday brought a new challenge as a cold started to seep into Terry’s body. The scenery from Santa Fe to Gallup was 197 miles of splendid scenery with a comical side story of trying to find the Continental Divide. Moral of the story- gps doesn’t always get it right as we drive past an impoverished community complete with multiple barking dogs only to find out it was on the other side of the freeway. Look at the Continental Divide sign picture that has two different signs in it-notice anything? (Signs are side by side and there is a difference of 30 feet in the numbers)

We both knew going into this crazy adventure that illness was a very real possibility. Chronic illness has been the third wheel in our relationship from the time we started dating so it isn’t surprising that it hitched a ride with us as well. Nighttime NyQuil and a 4 pm bedtime- yes 4 pm- was necessary for both of us. Terry was battling through significant hand pain and a severe cold but we continued to push through knowing that we may have a small change in plans depending on how he was feeling. It’s the quiet moments though from this trip that I will remember. Chronic illness takes a toll on everyone surrounding the one who is sick and I am not immune to that. The illness can become an identity as it consumes your body and your mind. Even on good days, there’s always a lingering thought of what will tomorrow bring. Will there be pain, an obstruction or worse? However, the beauty of hurling down the road on a motorcycle is that you can forget all your worries…. until you are going down the side of a mountain. Stay tune for that story!

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